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Propping Scaffolding Christchurch

Erect Scaffolding LTD, Commercial Propping Christchurch and Canterbury Region, Residential Propping Scaffolding Christchurch and Canterbury.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are a good team to have around in the ongoing wake of the Canterbury quakes. With increased demand for scaffolding on the many rebuilds and earthquake strengthening projects, director, Sebastiaan Bastiaanse saw the need for expansion.

Part of the full range of scaffolding services offered by Erect Scaffolding is Propping. Propping something up means supporting it temporarily until a permanent solution is made available.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are qualified in the provision of this high strength capacity scaffolding to support formwork. Our system is particularly well utilised for heavy slabs, concrete floors and transfer beams and includes a range of accessories that create a flexible, adjustable and adaptable shoring system suitable for a wide range of uses.

Excellent scaffolding techniques rely on a series of specialist applications that all work together to achieve a functional yet intricate facility which allows the next stage of construction to commence.

For the team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch, it’s all part of a highly skilled process which has a strong focus on strict health and safety protocol. This adherence to the new government safety regulations (MBIE/Department of Labour and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) means your scaffolding job is in very safe hands.

As part of the team at Erect Scaffolding we can say we have all in hand as well as providing these other cornerstone scaffolding services for residential, commercial, industrial or civil requirements:

  • Platforms
  • Edge Protection
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Roof Protection
  • On-site Fencing
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Propping.

All the support you need

Propping Scaffolding Christchurch

Erect Scaffolding LTD, Propping Scaffolders Christchurch, Commercial Propping Solutions Christchurch Canterbury Region, Residential Propping services Christchurch Canterbury Area.

The Team:

Behind every great looking building there’s a proud team of professionals.

When Sebastiaan Bastiaanse created Erect Scaffolding Ltd then included the specialty service division of propping, he knew he had to have the best team on board.

Sebastiaan realised that an eye for detail and a focus on perfection was a necessary quality for any construction job. Constructing, renovating or restructuring existing buildings requires a certain skill but before that work can begin, the team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch have a job to do. They need to prep (and prop) the building by erecting the perfect scaffold.

Sebastiaan has a great team alongside him to do just that.

The team consists of senior members Jesse Campbell, Korban Bastiaanse and Sam Freeman. These competent guys are all qualified with the SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc.) Scaffolding Certificate of Competence and National Certificate in Scaffolding, as well as holding first aid certificates and the mandatory health and safety certifications.

  • Senior supervisor, Jesse has five years’ scaffold supervising experience and a National Certificate in Advanced Scaffolding (Level 5), a National Certificate in Suspended Scaffolding (Level 4) and a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Suspended Advanced.
  • Korban’s expertise has come about due to four years’ scaffold experience and he has a National Certificate in Intermediate Scaffolding (Level 4). Korban also holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Intermediate.
  • Sam Freeman is equally expert with four years’ scaffold experience and a National Certificate in Elementary Scaffolding (Level 3). Sam holds a current SARNZ Certificate of Competence – Level 3.

The rest of the team varies according to contracts. All are talented and hard-working individuals, police checked and Site Safe Building Construction Passport holders, who make the difference in completing your job on time, within budget and with public and personnel safety paramount.

Our team become your team, too

Residential Propping Services Christchurch Commercial Propping Canterbury Erect Scaffolding LTD
Erect Scaffolding LTD Propping Scaffolding Canterbury

Commercial Propping Scaffolding Christchurch and Canterbury, Residential Propping Mobile Scaffolding Services Christchurch. Erect Scaffolding LTD for all Propping Services Christchurch and Canterbury.

Commercial and Residential Propping Scaffolding Christchurch:

We’re propping up Christchurch.


We are proud to be providers of the mobile scaffolding services which are helping rebuild Christchurch and the outer lying areas and our propping facility is a vital component in this.

Propping is a method of temporarily supporting a non-self-supporting structure. The vital element here the design process, assembly and application. The supporting connections must be of the appropriate strength and follow the manufacturers specifications.

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but the foundations must support the loads carried by the falsework … all this is highly skilled work, ably carried out by our team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch.

We offer propping services for:

  • Office blocks
  • Demolition sites
  • Retail outlets
  • Industrial enterprise


You need a new roof on your home. You’ve just employed a painter to re-do your house exterior. Or you might be building an inner-city apartment to do your bit in limiting urban sprawl.

Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are here to do their bit too, in helping you achieve your project on time and within budget. Our guys can provide scaffolding services as well as the propping supports to keep your structure stable and firm while the work gets done.

We offer scaffolding which can be adapted to suit the job at hand, offering maximum flexibility and convenient access to allow work to proceed efficiently. Our staff are super-well trained and all hold Building Construction Passports and first aid certificates.

We are skilled in the application of propping (falsework) for:

  • New and existing homes
  • Rebuilds
  • Renovations
  • Apartments.

Making homes come to life

Propping Scaffolding Christchurch Erect Scaffolding LTD
Site-Safe Erect Scaffolding LTD Canterbury

Health and Safety:

Good practice makes good sense.

Scaffolding services have come a long way since the use of a few trestle tables and ladders wedged between connectable steel pipes (or ropes!). Highly dangerous back then, it’s now somewhat of an art form and strictly regulated by health and safety parameters.

Our core team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch all hold various qualifications earnt via study with SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access & Rigging New Zealand Inc.). This regulating body focuses on industry standards around safety, health, public liability insurance and training.

When you employ a SARNZ member to perform your scaffold work, best practice health and safety policy is guaranteed. In fact, to be a member of SARNZ our workers must demonstrate they have met industry standards as outlined in the Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding (2016).

The Good Practice Guidelines are a Work Safe NZ document (under the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2016) covering all health and safety requirements for the erection of scaffolding.

Our team at Erect Scaffolding Christchurch are fully conversant with these policies and undergo refresher training when required.

This is our assurance to you that your project will never be at risk due to inadequate materials, construction, incompetent application or maintenance.

Safety first, second and third, always


Please contact us using the details below or use the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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